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Easily locate and access any file, when you need it, with an AI-Powered Searchable Database. Save time on information discovery and make decisions faster!
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A database in the cloud that is searchable with the help from an AI expert
Up to 8 hours saved per week
Browse documentation 10x faster
Up to 99% data extraction accuracy
A 100% secure and seamless solution
Performing an AI powered Database Search

Our Searchable Database Solution

With our Searchable Database Solution your documentation we scan and digitized your company information first. After that we apply optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert images into searchable text. Once everything is digitized, your company documentation will be centralized into a searchable database. With a simple search, any, previously offline, document can now quickly and easily be located and accessed by your employees.

Documentation you can digitize

Company Documentation
Internal Documentation
Manuals for (Industrial) Electronics
Financial Records
Sales Records
And much more…
Increasing Productivity

What are the Key Benefits?

“Keyword” Search: Access company documentation with ease through the use of “keyword” searches, experiencing an increase in efficiency.
Quick Decision-Making: Easily locate and access important documentation, enabling decisions to be made faster.
Boost Productivity: The ability to locate and access important documentation fast, results in a 30% boost in productivity.
Saves Time and Costs: Our searchable database solution cuts resource usage by up to 70%, saving both time and costs.

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Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

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How Does it Work?

Seamless Documentation Search in 4 Simple Steps

Our searchable database for company documentation makes information retrieval easy. Locate and access any file with a quick keyword search!
Insert Relevant Keyword
Insert a keyword or search term relevant to your topic to be analyzed and identified.
Locating Avaliable Resources
Our solution crawls the database and locates available resources relevant to your search intent.
Access and Retrieve Information
As a result, your employees can access and retrieve information from relevant resources within moments.
Take Accurate Decisions
Upon information retrieval, important decisions can be made on the spot.
“We observed a significant transformation in our overall productivity, which has enabled us to make decisions with greater speed.”

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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