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‘Introduction to AI’ Workshop

Our ‘Introduction to AI’ workshop is made to inspire you and increase the knowledge of AI within your organization.

During the workshop we are going to break AI myths and challenge you to think about AI opportunities.

The AI Workshop can be tailored to meet your needs and be given either at your office or an external location.

During the ‘Introduction to AI’ Workshop we cover the following topics:

Learn the essentials of AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?
How did AI develop over time?
What AI Technologies exist?
What are the AI Applications we all know?
How to start with an AI project yourself?
What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of AI?

Get inspired to reach new heights

AI applications within the industry you operate in
Successful AI implementation stories

Apply your newly gained knowledge

Assess your current way-of-working & look for improvement
Learn a traditional Data Preparation process
Brainstorm new AI ideas to enhance your organization

AI Discovery Session

We have been making AI software for years, so we quickly spot opportunities and possibilities when we deep dive into your data and combine this with your concrete challenges or business goals. 

During the ‘AI Discovery Session’ our experienced AI Consultants use their broad AI knowledge & unbiased view to come up with innovative AI Business Cases.

During the AI Discovery Session we go through the following steps:

Getting to know your organization, look into both the internal and external environment (competitors, suppliers, customers)
Examining internal data
Searching and examining suitable external data
Looking for opportunities to apply AI
Elaborating all ideas with an extensive explanation
Selecting the best 3 Ideas with recommendations and following plan of approach
Delivering and presenting the project report

AI Training

Our Consultants have a lot of experience in applying Artificial Intelligence. With this knowledge and experience we can train your organization. 

The AI Training is custom-made and can cover various AI topic like Computer Vision, Deep Learning, NLP, Data Annotation and OCR. 

The participants do not receive a certificate after attending the AI Training, but we ensure that the gained knowledge can be immediately applied in their daily job.

During the AI Training we will teach you the following skills:

Data Preparation (Collecting, Cleaning & Preprocessing)
Essential Feature Selection & Extraction
Building your first Artificial Intelligence model
AI model – Training & Testing
AI model – Visualization & Representation
AI model – Deployment
Accuracy Improvement
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