Document & image AI solutions

We help companies to build and scale AI solutions, via SaaS or custom software. We operate on a global scale and focus on improving document and image workflows using AI. 

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AI based SaaS solutions
Klippa offers multiple SaaS solutions to automate image and document based workflows. We help organisations to save time & cost, while preventing errors & fraud. Some examples of our SaaS solutions are our expense management solution, our identity verification solution and our OCR API
Custom AI Solutions – Building AI that works for you
Klippa creates custom AI solutions for large image or document related challenges. Most custom projects have a minimum duration of 3 months, where we work in agile bi-weekly sprints with a dedicated team.
AI Consultancy – Assess, leverage and implement AI
Klippa provides AI consultancy to help you assess if AI can be of added value to your organisation. And if it is, we help you leverage and implement it. Read more about our AI consultants.
AI Labs – Creating MVPs via AI based proof of concepts
Klippa has a proven path to creating AI based proof of concepts. Following our 3 month roadmap to succes, with bi-weekly agile sprints, we (co)create AI based MVPs. Learn more about the AI POCs and MVPs from the Klippa AI Labs.
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