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Manually processing documents creates unwanted bottlenecks that Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can solve. Klippa’s smart solutions can help your organization save money, speed up turnaround time, and prevent fraud.  

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Klippa DocHorizon is an advanced IDP platform powered by AI that can automate all your document related workflows. Book a demo or learn more about the functionalities of our IDP solution. 

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The DocHorizon platform can process any type of document in any type of workflow. The following list gives you an idea of the type of documents, use cases, and industries that DocHorizon supports. If you cannot see yours here, feel free to contact us !

Different types of documents

Klippa is processing different kinds of documents, such as ID cards, invoices, receipts, contracts, passports and many more.

Common use cases

In the following, we present common use cases where Klippa DocHorizon is used. Don’t see your specific use case? Don’t worry, our solution is able to cover all kinds of use cases.
Receipt OCR for loyalty programs
Data extraction from IDs for customer onboarding
Automated invoice processing for accounts payable
Automating documents completeness check
Automated data entry for the healthcare industry
Automated data masking for the legal industry
Automated fraud detection for accountants


Klippa DocHorizon can be used in a number of industries. You don’t see your industry? Don’t worry. Contact us for more information about your specific case.
Financial services

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