How to benefit from Tailor Made Software

How to benefit from Tailor Made Software

Custom made software has been around for a long time. Every known software nowadays could be likened as custom made software back in the time. Because the purpose of it being developed was to fulfill specific clients’ needs. In the current era of information, custom made software could provide a great competitive edge to a company and differentiate the company from how it serves its stakeholders.

There are much bigger or smaller, examples in the global industry that successfully skyrocketed with tailor-made software. For example, McDonald’s was the first company that implemented self-serving kiosks in their stores, making the whole business model more customer-centric. Moreover, UBER implemented an intelligent dispatching system that matches a person who needs a ride with drivers that drive by. The list of examples can go on and on, but the real importance of that issue is what a tailor-made software provides, that commercial software can not.

Custom, Bespoke or Tailor-Made software?

These different names are used to describe the exact same activity. A software that has been developed from scratch to help people and teams to work better. It provides the freedom to a company to define its own functionality and end-user experience, without having to comply with conventional software that may not fit their needs 100%.

Despite common sense, not all solutions are being made from scratch when it comes to custom software. In the same way, if you wanted to build a house by yourself, you would not spend time to customly create every tile that you need. Rather for that part, you would go for time and cost-efficiency.

What makes Tailor-Made software important?

To put it into simple words, a tailor-made solution is not a simple solution to a complicated problem. It does not automatically provide you with a competitive advantage nor does it place you at the innovative edge. Instead it assists in providing more value to your stakeholders. It assists reflecting on what is important to the stakeholders, works the other way around to discover what has to be done in order to deliver that importance. Finally, it automatizes that procedure and maximizes its effectiveness.

To separate the wheat from the caff, what Tailor-Made software does, is better defining the value proposition of the company and contributing to maintaining a competitive edge against the competition. How tailor-made software is a product of different departments coming together to discuss how to more efficiently automate the procedures within the company.

Tailor-made software boosts industry-leading

Startups used tailor-made solutions to push their business forward and now they are leading global corporations. The briefly analyzed examples of industry leaders are just there to demonstrate how the use of a custom made solution can really forward the company to the forefront of the industry. Change for growth is not only vital for competition but also retain great people, who make a difference to the company.

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