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Experience dedicated support and tailored solutions to meet all your gambling regulations with a trusted business partner.
Extract & process data with high precision
Secure data with an ISO & GDPR compliance

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Authenticate Players Globally

Klippa and BetComply unite to simplify compliance in the gambling sector. Our AI-enhanced document processing meets expert regulatory insights, offering a seamless solution for age, ID, and affordability checks. 

Focus on giving the best gaming experience to your players while we guarantee your operations are fully compliant.

Why our clients use Klippa’s OCR

Reduce Turnaround Time Up To 90%
Reduced Document Fraud with AI
Up to 99% Data Extraction Accuracy
Over 150 Different Countries Supported

Safeguard Your Platform and Stay Up to Date Gambling Regulations

Supercharge your customer experience and ensure secure onboarding with Klippa and BetComply.
Integrate our software into your online casino or gambling platform via our API or SDK.

Up Your User Experience Game with OCR

Swiftly extract and verify data from ID documents from more than 150 countries with Intelligent Document Processing
Validate age in an instant with reliable data verification & add selfie and liveness checks to avoid identity spoofing 
Quickly process documents for proof of address, proof of source of wealth & perform affordability checks
Benefit from the specialized knowledge and experience of professionals who understand OCR and the gambling industry

The Benefits of Automation with Klippa and BetComply

Reduce cost
Spend over 80% less on processing receipts. Get rid of manual data entry tasks for a more accurate and secure verification process.
Improve speed
Enhance customer experience with streamlined onboarding.  Perform cross-checks across multiple databases in seconds.
Prevent fraud
Avoid spoofing and document forgery fraud. Automate identity verification to eliminate fraud and money laundering.
Enhance compliance
Enhance your KYC & AML compliance with smart ID verification. Strengthen data protection with data masking.

Increase Your Business Productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and free up valuable time for your workforce
Save up to six or more hours per week
Reduce document processing time by 90%
Capture, convert, categorize, verify and deliver data with one click

Spend Less Money on Document Processing

Over 80% cost reduction compared to manual document processing methods
Reduce the costs spent on correcting errors from data extraction processes
More than 99% data extraction accuracy without increasing your overhead

Simply Process a Wide Range of Documents for Gambling

Whether it’s credit cards, ID documents, or bank statement, you get to swiftly process all relevant documents for your identity verification process in all Latin languages.

Increase Your Business Productivity

Over 80% cost reduction compared to manual document processing methods
Extract only relevant data, eliminating concerns about data organization
Up to 99% accuracy with human-in-the-loop
Reduce document processing time by 90% and free up valuable time for your workforce

Boost Data Quality and Usability

Convert it into machine-readable output for easy integration and accessibility
Extract only relevant data, eliminating concerns about data organization
Empower your team with quick access to all relevant documents

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

“By incorporating Klippa’s AI-powered OCR technology, Blue Prism transforms its document processing capabilities. Our partnership ensures our solution excels in extracting and reading data, converting it into valuable computer-readable information. With Klippa, we deliver a powerful, reliable, and future-ready document processing solution.” 
IT Manager, Blue Prism
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