How Online Payment Platform Processes 300K+ ID Documents Monthly

Find out how The Netherlands’ number one online payment provider eliminated manual identity document checks, by employing Klippa’s OCR for identity documents.
Online Payment
200+ employees
5 million+ platform users

About Online Payment Platform

Online Payment Platform is a Dutch online payment provider for customer-to-customer (C2C) payments in online marketplaces. The organization conducts business all over the world, acting as an intermediary in these online transactions. 

For over 5 million users worldwide, Online Payment Platform takes care of the online payment process, for a large number of marketplaces. They ensure the transaction is fraud-free and smooth for both the buyer and the seller, eliminating delays or issues for a seamless shopping experience 

Before: Manual Document Verification

With such great business opportunities, the tedious process of verifying all the documents needed to complete a transaction is inevitable. More specifically, the identity documents of the users accessing the online marketplace. Online Payment Platform found itself at a crossroads since the company had to deal with:
Verifying identity documents could take up to 24h
Customers had to wait a long time for payment approval
High chance of document fraud, based on the likeliness of human errors in the identity verification process
KYC checks were inaccurate, making them vulnerable to identity theft
Soon enough, Online Payment Platform realized they needed to make a change in how identity checks took place. Therefore, they decided to automate the document verification process by implementing an Optical Character Recognition solution, which can extract and process the data from identity documents in an instant. 

After investigating many solutions on the market, Online Payment Platform chose Klippa as their preferred supplier, mainly due to our global coverage in identity document processing.

After: Automated Document Verification

With Klippa, OPP was able to verify the identity of all their customers, regardless of their residing country. Besides identity documents, they could also employ Klippa to process other documents necessary for identity proofing, such as salary slips and proof of income. Nonetheless, our versatile solution came out as the best choice. 

After implementing Klippa’s intelligent solution, Online Payment Platform has significantly improved their identity document verification checks. If before, there were two designated back-office employees spending hours on end manually checking all the identity documents received through their platform, now the process is completely automated and back-office employees are freed from manual document processing.

Here’s how the process looks like now:
After an order is placed, the user is asked to provide their personal information, by uploading a copy of their identity document.
Klippa’s OCR then reads the document and extracts the relevant information, such as name, date of birth, or document number.
To ensure accurate checks, our OCR performs MRZ checks for passports and ID cards. 
Lastly, the extracted information is checked against the information provided by the user, to check whether there is a match.
Check the video below to see the passport scanning process in action:

Improving Business One Document at a Time

At first sight, employing automation might not look like such an important thing. However, using our OCR solution, Online Payment Platform completely automated their document verification process, improving their workflow and cutting down on processing times. With Klippa, Online Payment Platform enjoys:
Up to 99% accuracy in data extraction from identity documents.
High precision in document verification, keeping fraud at bay.
Thorough document processing, with accurate MRZ checks.
Completely automated identity verification process.
Increased efficiency, with more than 300K documents being processed monthly.
“We don’t spend countless hours going through thousands of documents per day anymore. Klippa’s OCR has helped us greatly in automating this process and continues to do so with every document we process.”
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