With Klippa you will never lose a receipt again.

The no. 1 app for scanning receipts and invoices.

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Klippa is your free digital receipt assistent. With Klippa you will never lose a receipt again. Use the Klippa receipt scanner and gain insight in your expenses on mobile and in our cloud app. Are you a business user? Managing your expenses will be easier than ever. With the Klippa receipt scanner you won't miss a reimbursement ever again.


All of your receipts are safely stored in the cloud, and you can always easily find them wherever you are.


Klippa provides you with the insights on your expenses using comprehensive statistics for every store, tag or folder.


Receipts can be easily shared with others by using Klippa. For example in case of a gift or shared expense.


It is easy to export your receipts from Klippa to PDF. The expense rapport can be downloaded and shared.

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Perfect for business users

If you have to claim business expenses on a regular basis or if you are an entrepreneur that has to keep track of his costs for administrative purposes, Klippa will be your new best friend. All your expenses will be stored in an orderly manner and can be exported into expense reports. As an entrepreneur you will never miss out on tax deduction again and as an employee you can make sure you are always fully reimbursed for your expenses. Start scanning receipts with the Klippa app now.

Finally a solution for the receipt chaos

Receipt scanner app

The Klippa receipt scanner is available on iOS and Android. On desktop and laptop computers you can access the online cloud using any browser. Whatever platform you like to use: Klippa is ready to help you out.