Why do you need invoice processing software?

Why do you need invoice processing software?

Having the appropriate invoice processing system is crucial for companies. At first, you might think that you are able to manage all your invoices without the need for a specific solution. However, as time goes by and you accumulate more and more invoices, either physically or on the computer, you will start to think that there must be some way to better organise all these documents. In addition, as soon as your business grows, the volume of invoices per month will also increase and the amount of employees involved in the processing and approvals also grows. Getting your finances up to date can quickly become a complex task.

As a software company, Klippa helps you digitise, automate and simplify financial processes that would otherwise be a slow workflow due to manual labor. In this blog, we present our Invoice Processing module and the advantages it offers.

How does the module work?

We know how chaotic handling invoices in the office can be. We know how long the entire process can take, from receiving the invoice to approval and final recording in the general ledger. And we know that these processes typically involve more than one person. All this emphasises the need for one cloud based solution to solve this. Klippa’s Invoice Processing module is a user-friendly application that brings efficiency to the financial process. In three simple steps you will have your invoices registered in your accounting system or ERP – in much less time than you ever thought!

The first step is to upload the invoice you need to process. You can easily import your invoices in any format and our OCR engine will extract all the data for you. Yes, you read it right: all the data you need is automatically extracted in a matter of seconds! Moving on to the next step: authorization. Our module includes an authorization flow, so you can set who will be responsible to approve the invoices. Besides, you can add as many business rules as you need. Invoices below €500? Create a business rule to get them approved automatically. Invoices above €500? Approved by a single person. Invoices from a specific merchant? Must be approved by 3 people. Anything is possible! Having your documents organized and being able to use an automatic authorization flow to speed up the process are good reasons to have an appropriate invoice processing system. 

This all sounds very simple and we already told you that our app is a user-friendly app. In the next video, you can get an idea of how easy it is to upload and approve an invoice. In only two steps:

So far, you have uploaded the invoice, the relevant data has been automatically extracted and has been sent for approval. Once it is approved, it must be recorded in your accounting system or ERP. Our invoice processing module can be seamlessly integrated with the software you are using, so your invoices will be automatically registered in it. 

What makes Klippa invoice processing your best solution?

It’s easy, fast and accurate. While it’s simple to use, behind there is a sophisticated technology built by our developers. Our OCR engine automatically extracts all the data you need. And this is already a decisive factor, because it releases you from all the manual data entry, which saves you a lot of time. This, in turn, will allow you to reduce labour costs while allowing employees to focus on their main activity. 

We could keep telling you more about all the useful and helpful features you can find in our invoice processing module. However, we think it is best when you see it yourself. We know that every company has different needs and this is why we want to help you find the best solution for you. Feel free to send us a message at support@klippa.com or call us to +31 50 211631.

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