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Looking to automate your document workflow? Opt for Klippa, the industry’s leading IDP solution, for unmatched processing accuracy.
61% less fraud with advanced AI algorithms
ISO 9001 & 27001 quality and data security standards

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Compare Hyperscience with Klippa DocHorizon

Revolutionize document processing with the best Hyperscience alternative. Automate your document workflow on our platform or integrate our solutions into your software. 



User-friendly platform with many integration possibilities. 
Data extraction from text, images and PDF documents with OCR.
Document fraud detection with advanced AI algorithms.
Automated data anonymization to safeguard data privacy.
Human-in-the-loop automation for up to 100% accurate data extraction.
Mobile scanning SDKs for optimal image quality.
APIs and SDKs can be implemented into your own software or application.

Why Do Our Clients Use DocHorizon?

Up To 70% of Time Saved
More Than 130 Million Documents Processed
Up to 100% Data Extraction Accuracy
Over 150 Different Countries Supported

Easy switch within a few hours

Clear documentation for an easy and fast implementation
Onboarding and customer success team for implementation and optimization
The connection to our solution can be set up 
within an hour

Switch to the Best Hyperscience Alternative

Leverage Klippa DocHorizon to automate all document workflows and focus on your development goals rather than mundane tasks.

Accurate & Fast Data Extraction With Advanced OCR

Automate your data extraction with up to 100% accuracy, combining our Optical Character Recognition software with a Human-In-The-Loop. Speed up document processing time by up to 70%.

Convert Documents & Images to Business-Ready Data Formats

Do you have data stuck in unstructured data formats? Our Intelligent Document Processing solution allows you automatically convert documents into various formats such as JSON, XML, PDF, XLSX, and CSV.

Automate Document Classification & Make Your Documents Archivable

Don’t let documents overwhelm you. Effortlessly classify documents with smart AI algorithms and automate document archiving with your own set of rules & classification parameters.
OCR optical character recognition

Protect Sensitive Information with Data Anonymization

Safeguard privacy sensitive information with data anomymization algorithms to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations such as EU GDPR. Extract data while controlling data accessibility. 
OCR optical character recognition

Verify Document’s Authenticity And Validity of Extracted Data

Verify documents securely and fast with our AI-embedded document verification solution to ensure regulatory compliance. Streamline your document workflows and say goodbye to document fraud & human errors. 

OCR optical character recognition

Seamlessly Integrate Klippa DocHorizon Into Your Workflow

Join our platform to automate your document workflow, or implement our APIs and SDKs directly into your application or software. Our solutions are well-documented, and you can rely on our team to ensure a smooth integration.
OCR optical character recognition

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

“Klippa provides the best solution for Pennylane. The good trade off between pure performance and easiness to implement was why we decided to go for Klippa.”
Thomas Cassou
Head of Data, Pennylane.
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