Win-Win from the Business Within

Win-Win from the Business Within

Leading a company to success can be quite a difficult task. Making sure the production is within budget, the business keeps expanding, employees look up to you and, most importantly, there is no friction between them. A common source of friction is procedures that generate unnecessary workload for two or more parties. But how can people or different departments in the same company execute tasks that may produce workload for others? 

An example

The sales department consists of people who are in charge of business development. They are in constant lookout for growth opportunities. That hints that on most occasions they incur costs on behalf of their company. These business expenses are getting reimbursed afterward. However, this procedure by itself requires that the salespeople hold physical receipts so they can submit them in the near future. This task, for example, produces unnecessary work burden and demands that the sales department is on the constant lookout of gathering receipts rather than focusing 100% on the business itself.

On the same notion

The finance department which consists of people who are in charge of planning, accounting, organizing and auditing the company’s finances. One of their tasks is to make sure that the expenses that are being done on the sales department are reimbursed correctly and, furthermore, transfer all that data to the ledger. This is rather a time-consuming procedure since the data entry is being done manually. That requires a lot of extra time by the finance department which can translate to unnecessary workload. If one takes into account all the time and effort that is being put into that task just for repetitive and dull procedures, one can understand that the finance department could channel all this effort into more fruitful activities.


To tackle the above situation we, in Klippa, have employed all of our cognitive efforts. We came up with the simplest solution you can imagine. We implemented an OCR engine on a mobile App so that the sales department can submit a business expense just by taking a photo of a receipt/invoice. We extract all the relevant information such as VAT, amount, merchant, etc., and present them to the finance department. They can approve or disapprove the expense with just one click, through the web app. Now, one more click and all that info can be transferred to the ledger. And this is our software Expense Management.

We are proud of our software. Why? Because with just one tool two departments benefit. Now, if that is not a Win-Win situation, then what is it?

If you do want to see it in practice you can always book a demo below, or you can always reach us for any kind of questions at

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