RPA for Invoices (and OCR)

RPA for Invoices (and OCR)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a very helpful tool, but isn’t able to replace people for the end-to-end business crucial operations. What RPA tools excel at is automating rules-based tasks. Most processes comprise of a number of tasks, some of them complex. Others are rather easy but take up much time, such as manual invoice data entry. That’s why RPA bots alone are not sufficient and require complementary technologies. A perfect example is optical character recognition (OCR).

Klippa RPA

Klippa has developed in-house the Invoice Processing Software which allows users to process invoices in just a few clicks. The core of this software is our in-house developed OCR engine. It is a highly accurate and quick engine that extracts information from all accounts payable. Our products are used by more than a thousand clients worldwide.

Some of the benefits of working with us:

1. Full integration of RPA with OCR and document transformation 

Standalone RPA vendors leave the integration and implementation of their technology to their customers. We are the only vendor that has fully integrated our client-approved Klippa OCR engine with Klippa Invoice Processing – no partnerships, multi-vendor product integrations or overhead required.

2. Full integration process orchestration and RPA on a single-vendor unified platform

The orchestration of processes is essential for automating defined business operations. For example, onboarding usually requires a complex, orchestrated process, including an RPA robot. An onboarding process may require data from an external website for validation: match picture to ID, verify passport details. If that data can’t automatically be brought into the process orchestration tool, a person or RPA tool needs to intervene. Klippa’s OCR scans and recognizes documents crucial for onboarding, like passports, insurance contracts, and more.

3. Klippa Invoice Processing and Klippa OCR

AI is developed to address a specific business purpose and carry a specific business operations – like the automation of end-to-end business processes such as automatically booked invoices in the accounting software. Klippa is the only one who delivers AI, natural language processing, machine learning models, and rule-based recognition according to preferences and local regulations. So customers requiring document recognition and classification, sentiment analysis and image recognition, for instance, can accomplish this natively with Klippa OCR capture. Our customers don’t need to train the software, we have done that for them!

Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +31 50 211 1631 to discuss your needs.

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