Spend Management for Accounting Software

Incorporate expense management and invoice processing modules to your accounting software. Reduce time to market.
ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified
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Spend management for accounting software

Trusted by 1000+ brands worldwide

Your Accounting Software, Our Technology

 Add a suite of spend management modules to your accounting software with Klippa.
White Label for Accounting Software

Expand the Product Offering of Your Accounting Software 

Become a one-stop accounting solution by integrating the pre-accounting features of Klippa SpendControl. Provide full control over business finances with OCR-powered data extraction, automated approval management and real-time financial insights in a dedicated expense dashboard
Receipt scanning

One Spend Solution, 2 Modules

Klippa SpendControl offers one pre-accounting solution for expense management and invoice processing. Feel free to integrate the entire suite or handpick the features that meet your specific needs.
Simplify Expense Management
A cloud-based solution for processing, approving and archiving expense claims.
Users can submit expenses in web & mobile app
Advanced approval processes with business rules
Prevention of errors and fraud with built-in analytics
Expense overview in a user-friendly dashboard
Automate Invoice Processing
A fully digital solution for processing, approving and archiving purchase invoices.
Invoice approval via web or mobile app
More than 70% of time saving on invoice processing
Powered by industry-leading OCR recognition
Built-in recognition of duplicate & fraudulent invoices
Spend management software

Why Companies Choose SpendControl White Label

costs on in-house development
fastest time-to-market in the industry
global brands trusting Klippa’s solution
data extraction accuracy with #1 OCR

Save Time and Money on 
In-house Development

Take advantage of our spend management software instead of developing your own features from scratch. Offer web and mobile applications for Android & iOS while trusting our product specialists with complete technical support and smooth onboarding. 
Financial software development
White label expense management software

Customize The Whole Suite According to Your Needs

Pick and choose the best features of Klippa SpendControl to align with your users’ needs. Seamlessly integrate our White Label solution by applying your corporate identity, brand voice and company logos.
Expense management

Launch Within Just Two Months

Pick the desired functionality that aligns with your goals.
Keep complete control over the application during the development process.
Trust Klippa with a full employee onboarding process & technical support.
Launch your White Label solution for a unique 
user experience.
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Join 1000+ Brands That Benefit From Klippa’s Solution

With Klippa, companies can digitally register, approve, and process expenses and invoices in one intuitive cloud environment.
Tim Lorijn
Financial Director @Label A
Klippa’s end-users save 90% in turnaround time and give the finance department more control over the expense management process.
Leon Backbier
IT Manager @Banijay Benelux
Employees can now submit their claims directly via the app. Managers approve them, and finance ensures proper receipt allocation.
Hendrik Wimmenhove
Finance Manager @Accenture

We Take Your Data Privacy & Security Seriously

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Klippa deliver custom features?
Klippa can build any custom features for your White Label on request. This does influence the time to market and pricing of our solutions. 
What is the time to market?
The time to market depends on the amount of custom work that needs to be done. Without major fine-tuning, a White Label solution can be delivered within 2 months after signing the contract. The period can move upwards to 6 months if many custom adjustments are required. 
Is Klippa secure?
Klippa is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified. 
Klippa is completely GDPR compliant. Therefore our solution is suitable for use inside and outside of Europe. 

We exclusively utilize secure connections and have implemented various measures, including automated backups, firewalls, and encryption, to safeguard our systems. To further verify our security standards, third parties conduct penetration testing. Upon request, we are happy to provide detailed security documentation.
What are the hosting options?
Public cloud, private cloud & on premise.
Our infrastructure is build on Kubernetes and docker to ensure scalability and easy deployment. You can run your White Label on our Microsoft Azure servers, in a private cloud or even on premise. Server locations can also be customized on demand. By default our White Labels run on our Microsoft Azure cloud in Amsterdam.  
What integrations does Klippa have?
Klippa has over 25 direct integrations
Klippa offers plug-and-play integrations with most big accounting and ERP systems. Out of the box, we have over 25 integrations with accounting systems like SAP, Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks and many more. However, Klippa can be integrated with any accounting or ERP system upon request.
Can Klippa build a custom integration?
Klippa is built on a very flexible API, allowing us to connect with any third-party system. Besides this, we offer intelligent export-import files to create journal entries even without direct API integration.