How Digital Office 24 automates invoice capturing with Klippa

A talk with Kemal Gandhi-Güler, Managing Director at Digital Office 24.
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Digital Office 24 is a sustainable and innovative software solution for the self-employed, entrepreneurs and tax consultants. Whether you’re looking for a private or corporate solution, DO 24 unifies all of a user’s finances and enables efficient collaboration with the tax advisor.

“We were looking for an OCR service provider that offers the highest possible quality recognition of invoices. During our market research, we came across Klippa and found that Klippa offers exactly this service. In addition, Klippa meets our requirements for easy integration via API into our software solution. These were the two most important reasons for us to choose Klippa as a partner.” 

With the integration of an OCR service such as Klippa into DO 24’s software solution, entrepreneurs are supported in scanning invoices and receipts. The automatically scanned and contextualized data allows clients to automatically process transactions and directly match the associated payments. The whole thing is done with a single mouse click via the OCR API and can be easily integrated into an existing workflow. 

The tax consultant also benefits from the integration of Klippa into the DO 24 software solution, as the OCR ensures high-quality capturing, while the fast and accurate capturing of all documents also minimizes error and saves process costs. 

“For us, Klippa is the partner that fits perfectly into our processes and offers us and our customers real added value.”