Why Hotels need ID and Passport OCR

Why Hotels need ID and Passport OCR

Guests are the main source of revenue for hotels. They flow into the business model as they check-in and they leave when they check out. They come one by one or as a group. They are local travelers or travelers from any country in the world. They may even carry their own currency. As times change faster and faster, we understand that there is an increasing concern as to who actually is the person staying at your hotel. What is their profile? What do they look like? Is there any way to match the identification document with their profile?

In this blog, we will guide you into a practical solution to all the aforementioned concerns. 


Hotels have been tracking who is checking in and who is checking out for a long time. What if someone has a record of misconduct? Let’s say a guest in the previous year had a record of breaking the hotel rules. Of course, that person will be blacklist but someone has to manually check for their name, and match their ID/Passport with one of the previous years if they come to your hotel again in the future. This is important because, as a hotel manager, the first thing you want is to ensure the safety of your guests. However, this task indeed takes time as the match/mismatch has to be done manually by an employee. In that case, a scanned ID or passport solves half of the problem.

Scan for Record Keeping

Keeping a scanned copy of the guest’s identification document is one thing. The data contained in the document will also be entered manually into the internal CRM system. This involves human interaction and it is well known that human interaction involves human error. If we talk about security again, a mistake is much less pleasant.

Imagine that the registered guest with misconduct comes from a Latin American country or from Spain, where they often have more than one surname and Spanish may not be the language the hotel manager handles. This is an added complication. To make it even more realistic, imagine that the employee mistyped this client’s name, so it is now impossible to find his identification in the register. Two factors that are very likely to occur are leading to an unwanted guest checking back into the hotel.

Is there a seamless solution for all that?

Short answer, yes. Even shorter, OCR. Optical Character Recognition, also known as OCR, is a technology that extracts all relevant data from any document with a blink of an eye. OCR has been in the business world for many years and its full potential is yet to be unlocked. Companies use it for loyalty programs or process time reduction, but also for security purposes.

Now the technical part can be a little tricky to understand if you do not have a computer background, but we make sure to simplify to make it as simple as possible: the OCR engine is code filled with rules and keywords that are automatically applied to any given photo or PDF. For that to happen, of course, the file has to be transformed into a raw text file. The outcome procedure is an output named JSON.

Thus, all in all, the picture below acts as a visual example of how the OCR is performing. Noted that a Dutch passport has been used as an example but any other language would work

Leap of Faith

Klippa is a software company that specializes in the extraction of data. We have an inhouse engine which was originally produced for extracting data from receipts and invoices. Sooner we realized marketing activities but most importantly security, are also some sectors that our engine could actively benefit if it was implemented correctly. In this way, scanned identity documents and passports quickly became something we also focused on. Our engine can extract almost anything, and that’s the result of 7 years of development. At the moment, guest registration problems and the matching of their ID/passport is something we do perfectly.

Leap of Faith? More like Call of Faith. Giving us a call at +31 50 211 1631 can really ease the way that ID and Passports are being processed in all the sectors. We love to hear a new challenge. So if you think that you might be needing OCR in a different way, it is a that we can easily take.

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