RPA invoice and receipt processing with OCR

RPA invoice and receipt processing with OCR

Klippa is continuously driving innovation that helps solve data entry challenges. By providing customers with our tailor-made RPA/OCR solution, we help organizations with their digital transformation. And we want to do the same for you.

Many SMEs and corporates are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the automation of data entry. Because manual data entry is tedious and quite expensive, RPA tends to have a good return on investment. The tediousness stems from the repetitive nature of manual data entry.

On average people spend more than three hours a day on manual, repetitive computer tasks which aren’t part of their primary job. Data from OnePoll reveals that nearly half of workers surveyed said they find digital administration boring (47%) and a poor use of their skills (48%), while the majority say it gets in the way of doing their main job (51%) and reduces their overall productivity (64%). Over half (52%) of millennial respondents felt that they could be more productive if they had less administrative tasks to complete.

Luckily computers don’t get bored easily. RPA software can take over and send all relevant data to a third-party system such as NetSuite, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Sage, Unit4, Afas, Exact, Salesforce or any other system. Having software relieve your employees of non-productive tasks, means more time that can be spent on your core business and happier employees.

Is RPA relevant for invoice processing?

Yes it is. Any situation that requires repetitive data entry tasks could potentially be digitized with RPA. Digitizing doesn’t only mean getting rid of boring administrative work, it also means fewer errors. Invoices stop getting lost or left on someone’s desk and automatic reminders ensure they aren’t forgotten somewhere in the process, help you to pay on time and prevent the same invoice being paid twice.

This is especially interesting for organizations with more than one location or that have complicated authorization flows. The more people in the approval process, the more likely human errors occur. An automated solution can reduce imprecision caused by human error by 1-3%. 

Klippa can help you

Klippa is a Dutch company specialized in efficiently processing documents using smart technology. We know all there is to know about classifying documents, converting documents to text using OCR and extracting relevant information for specific cases. Klippa can process documents such as receipts, invoices, contracts, passports, IDs, driving licenses, credit cards and bank statements. These are all administrative processes, which is the area in which we truly shine.

Why is RPA/OCR important for data entry?

RPA alone won’t do the trick: to properly process invoices and receipts with RPA, your robots need to understand what information is on an invoice, where it is located and what the information means. That requires a good OCR solution. It’s a good thing you found Klippa!

In many cases receipts and invoices are images, and images do not contain text. Therefore they first have to be converted to text, which is called OCR (or Optical Character Recognition). After that you have a text file with all the text from the document. But the information isn’t structured, which means robots still won’t understand what it means.

Our machine learning software converts documents (images and PDFs) to text and gives meaning to that text. Any document can be turned into structured text in CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML and more. This enables the robots to understand which information is relevant to fulfill their task.

RPA for invoice processing with OCR

It works in any language

The languages that are ready to go are English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French. Other languages can be made available upon request.

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If you or your customers have large amounts of invoices, receipts, contracts, passports, IDs, driver’s licenses or credit card statements that are processed manually, Klippa is here to help! With our smart document processing solution (OCR), Klippa can reduce up to 70% of the manual labor and cut costs down drastically. Let’s get in touch and see if we can solve your administrative problems!

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