RPA invoice and receipt processing with OCR

RPA invoice and receipt processing with OCR

RPA is currently a much discussed topic in the SME and corporate business world. RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and basically is tooling to help reduce the time spent by employees on manual data entry tasks that could be automated by software. Because people are expensive, RPA usually has a good ROI. In RPA we are normally talking about very small tasks that have to be repeated a lot of times. RPA software logs into a system, simulates a keyboard and mouse and then copies and pastes this information into a third party system. From an Excel sheet or invoice into a system like NetSuite, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Sage, Unit4, Afas, Exact, Salesforce or any other.

Is RPA relevant for invoice processing?

The short answer is: Yes! Any situation that requires repetitive work with data entry could potentially be digitized with RPA. Invoices processing with RPA is getting rather popular lately because they are time consuming tasks. And time is expensive, which makes for a good business case.

Who is Klippa?

Klippa is a Dutch company specialized in efficiently processing documents using smart technology. When we talk about processing documents we are talking about topics such as classifying documents, converting documents to text using OCR and then extracting relevant information for specific use cases. Klippa can process documents like receipts, invoices, contracts, passports, ID’s, driving licenses, credit card and bank statements. As you can see these are all administrative processes and that’s why we play our part in RPA.

What makes Klippa relevant to RPA?

To properly process invoices and receipts with RPA, your robots need to understand what information is on an invoice, where it is on the document and what that information means. That requires a good OCR solution, luckily you found Klippa!

Why is OCR important for processing invoices with RPA?

If you want to perform RPA on invoices, your robots have to understand what information is on an invoice and where that information is on the invoice. If not, you can’t automate the behaviour. In many cases receipts and invoices are images, and images do not contain text. Therefore they first have to be converted to text, which is called OCR (or Optical Character Recognition). After that you have a text file with all the text of the document. But that has no structure in it and still the robot won’t understand what the information means. That’s the part where we come in at Klippa. We convert documents (images and PDF’s) to text and then give a meaning to that text using our machine learning software. Any document can be turned into structured text like CSV, XLSX, JSON, XML and more. This enables the robot to understand what information is relevant to fulfill its task.

RPA for invoice processing with OCR

For what languages does it work?

Of the shelf Klippa supports languages like English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch. Other languages like Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Portuguees, Polish and more can be made available upon request.

When should I hire Klippa?

If you or your customers have large amounts of invoices, receipts, contracts, passports, ID’s, driving licenses or credit card statements that are being processed by your employees manually, which costs a lot of time and money: Klippa is here to help! With our smart document processing solutions (OCR), Klippa can reduce at least 90% of the manual labor and cut costs down drastically. Let’s get in touch and see if you can solve your administrative problems!

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