Camera Scanner SDK (including OCR)

Camera Scanner SDK (including OCR)

Good recognition starts with a clear image. Unclear photo’s give bad OCR results, which makes it hard for us to extract the right data. A good image, meaning sharp, well-lightened, clear, will be converted into text much easier. That’s why Klippa offers a scanner SDK, which can be integrated in any mobile solution.

Imagine a mobile application, from a technical perspective, as a big building of small LEGO blocks. Every little element, every button, every functionality is one block and made by labour hours of a developer.

Now, imagine someone who’s looking to enrich it’s mobile application with a functionality of scanning a document. They would have to use many LEGO blocks to be able to control the camera, recognize rectangular shapes, control the flashlight when needed, recognized when to rotate, etc. Using all these LEGO blocks would take weeks, maybe months. And you’re not sure if it works for both Android and iOS.

See an SDK (in this case the camera scanner by Klippa) of being one big LEGO cube, that from the inside is built from many blocks, but the developer would only have to fit in the big block itself. Effort will be less than a day and it’s for sure that it will work, because we tested and validated it extensively.

Below you can watch a video of the capabilities of our camera SDK. The colors can be modified in a company style and optionally we can include a built-in a connection to the OCR API, to save our users even more time.

If you’d like to use this amazing camera scanner, all you have to do is download the Klippa App from the App Store and take a picture. Finally, a list of features that the SDK is equipped with:

  • automatic cropping
  • manual cropping
  • automatic rotation
  • manual rotation
  • flashlight control
  • greyscale
  • contrast optimization
  • brightness optimization
Works with AZEXO page builder