Klippa Expense Management for Xero

A fully digital expense management solution with mobile application, approval workflows, and integration with Xero.

Faster & cheaper

Save up to 70% of processing time with OCR and digital workflows


Improve internal control with smart controls and digital audit trials

Employee satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction with a user-friendly app

Digital expense management, how does it work?

Submitting expenses with Klippa

With Klippa digital expense management, you can easily submit claims via the mobile app or web application. Klippa works with automatic text recognition and authorization layers. It also synchronizes all relevant information from Xero and prepares smart booking suggestions.

Approve expenses

As a manager, you approve expense reports with a snap in the Klippa App or via web application. Mandatory fields ensure that you only work with complete expense reports, making the approval process smooth and fine. Once approved, the claim is assigned to Finance who handle the processing in Xero.

Process expenses in Xero

In your to-do list, all the expense claims are ready including booking line for Xero. You book the expense claims as individual lines or as reports and the receipts go along as attachments to the entry.

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Benefits of processing expenses with Klippa
Built-in OCR technology ensures no one has to manually retype receipts anymore
Prevent fraud with built-in recognition of duplicates and anomalous claims
All data is automatically extracted and converted into smart booking proposals
Create rules related to claims policies and automate the approval process with multiple approval layers
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We love to explain more about Klippa via a short phone call. If you want us to call you back, just choose a date and time that suits you best. If you leave the date and time empty we will call you within 30 minutes!
We are available for calls in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch during office hours (CEST time zone). You can reach us at +31 50 2111631.

Automate your expense management process

Watch the video to see how you can easily automate your claims process with Klippa SpendControl
“The expense management solution needed to integrate with two systems, our payroll and legal software. 
Klippa had the solution!”
Geert Jan Veldthuis
Finance Manager Trip Law

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In a free online demo lasting just 30 minutes, we would be happy to show you how the Klippa integration works seamlessly with Xero.

Frequently Asked Question 

What information is synchronized from the integration?
Declarations sent to Xero can be booked to the employee created in Xero. 

When the booking is made, the correct general ledger account and VAT code is automatically suggested in Klippa SpendControl. 

Also, the correct tracking categories can be sent with the booking.
What languages are supported in the application?
Klippa SpendControl is currently available in 7 different languages that you can set per user. 

The languages supported by Klippa are Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Greek. This way every user can use Klippa in his or her own language.
What other integrations does Klippa offer?
In addition to the Xero integration, we also offer many other integration options to make your accounting process as efficient as possible. 

We offer interfaces with Exact Online, Twinfield, SAP, NetSuite, and many other ERP systems.
What booking principles does Klippa SpendControl apply?
Klippa follows the principles of Xero for creating bookings in Xero. Bookings that should not be created in Xero based on Xero principles are also blocked in SpendControl. 

You will see an identical error message in SpendControl as the one you see in Xero. How convenient!
What is the implementation time for creating a integration from Klippa to Xero?
To make sure you can get started as quickly as possible, we help you set up the account and integrate with Xero through an onboarding call. 

After your account is fully set up, we do a good knowledge transfer in an onboarding call to the people who will be working with Klippa so you will be able to make the software your own. 

Usually the implementation time depends on the complexity of the setup. Overall it is somewhere between 2-6 weeks. 

We are happy to discuss this with you in a personal meeting. Our helpdesk articles can also help you on your way.
Does Klippa offer invoice processing in addition to digital expense management?
Sure! In addition to digital expense management, Klippa offers a module specifically for processing purchase invoices. 

Purchase invoices can easily be forwarded to one or more Klippa SpendControl mailboxes, after which the purchase invoice with the read data is added to the workflow for approval. 

An approved invoice automatically receives a booking proposal for Xero and is processed at the touch of a button! 

It is also possible to manage both expenses and invoice processing in one workflow. This way you are not dependent on different modules and can manage everything from a central point.