Klippa Invoice Processing for Exact Globe

Digital invoice processing with OCR technology, approval workflows and integration with Exact Globe

Quick & easy

Save up to 70% of processing time with OCR and digital workflows


Improve internal control with smart controls and digital audit trials

Integrate easily

Create smart booking proposals to Exact Globe through real-time integration

Digital invoice processing, how does it work?

Submit invoices with OCR technology

In Klippa, you can add invoices to the dashboard in three ways: (1) automatically forward invoices to your Klippa mailbox, (2) upload invoices from your computer, and (3) scan invoices using the Klippa App. Each option has Klippa’s OCR technology integrated.

Approve invoices via customizable approval flows

After an invoice is added to Klippa, it is automatically assigned to the appropriate employee for approval. For this purpose, Klippa has extensive multi-level approval workflows. Approval can be done with the mobile app or via the web application.

Automatically process invoices in Exact Globe

An approved invoice contains all data processed in Exact Globe. Klippa provides a booking suggestion for the supplier, including general ledger account, VAT code, amount(s), cost center, cost carrier and project.

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Benefits of processing invoices with Klippa
Work efficiently, flawlessly and carefully together with your customers
All invoice data is automatically extracted and converted into smart booking suggestions
Create rules for purchase invoice policies and automate the process with multiple approval layers 
Synchronize your master data from Exact Globe

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Automate your invoice processing

Watch the video to see you can easily automate your invoice processing process with Klippa SpendControl
“The cloud environment is very user-friendly and our invoice processing process 
 has become much more efficient.”
Tim Lorijn
CFO | Label A

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Frequently Asked Question 

What does API integration with your accounting package do?
The api integration with your accounting package allows relevant accounting data to be synchronized to SpendControl. 

Examples are the relevant administrations, suppliers, employees, the general ledger accounting schema and the VAT schema.

Dimensions such as cost centers, cost carriers and projects can also be synchronized to SpendControl. 
What information is synchronized from the integration?
Invoices booked to Exact Globe can be booked to the employee created in Exact Globe. 

When making the booking, the correct general ledger account and VAT code is automatically suggested in Klippa SpendControl. Also, the correct cost center, cost carrier and/or project can be sent along with the booking.
What other integrations does Klippa offer?
In addition to the Exact Globe integration, we also offer many other integration options to make your accounting process as efficient as possible. 

We offer interfaces with SAP, Twinfield, Xero, NetSuite, and many other ERP systems.
Has Klippa SpendControl integrated automatic text recognition?
Klippa SpendControl works with in-house developed text recognition (OCR) software. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology recognizes text and converts it into data so that eventually your receipts and invoices can be booked in no time. 

Klippa’s text recognition software is market-leading and is used by dozens of accounting & ERP packages in Europe through our DocHorizon product. 

We automatically extract the following receipt & invoice data: 
– the store/relationship 
– the purchase date 
– the total amount 
– the VAT percentages 
– the VAT amounts 
– the currency 

For invoices, we also extract: 
– the invoice date 
– the invoice number
What is the implementation time for creating a integration from Klippa to Exact Globe?
To make sure you can get started as quickly as possible, we help you set up the account and integrate with Exact Globe through an onboarding call. 

After your account is fully set up, we do a good knowledge transfer in an onboarding call to the people who will be working with Klippa so you will be able to make the software your own. 

Usually the implementation time depends on the complexity of the setup. Overall it is somewhere between 2-6 weeks. 

We are happy to discuss this with you in a personal meeting. Our helpdesk articles can also help you on your way.
Does Klippa offer digital expense management in addition to invoice processing?
Sure! In addition to invoice processing, Klippa also offers a special module for digital expense management. 

You can easily submit expenses via the mobile app or web application. The submitted expense claims end up in the to-do list of the approver, who can approve them anywhere and at any time. 

Also in this module approved expenses can be booked with a single click to Exact Globe! 

It is also possible to manage both expense claims and invoice processing in one workflow. This way you are not dependent on different modules and you can manage everything from one central point.