Tech company in Groningen is looking for a sales intern

Klippa is always looking for motivated sales interns. We have 1 internship position available in our Dutch sales team and 1 in our international sales team. The internship is full-time and the duration can be discussed, with a minimum of 3 months. Four days a week you will work on Klippa activities, the fifth one is reserved for school activities and assignments.
Who are we? 
Founded in 2015 and active in countries all over the world, Klippa is a fast-growing IT scale-up. We started out as a start-up specialized in digitizing paper receipts, but we now offer numerous services in document processing. We developed our own OCR technology that allows us to scan any type of document, from invoices to expenses and passports. Besides all the nice features our technology has, it is just one of the best performing in its field. And for a sales person that’s a real treat! You just have to convince your prospects.

What do we offer you?
We offer you a temporary spot on our sales team. You will not be treated as an intern but as a full member of our sales elite. You will be joining sales meetings, team and marketing presentations, asked for input and of course you will be picking up the phone as well to acquire new customers. Doing so you will be intensively guided by your Klippa mentor. During the internship you will be shaped into a real sales Yedi who is ready for the next step in his or her career. Our team is young, eager and energetic, and never gives up. We expect the same attitude in return.  

Who are we looking for?
– A driven and energetic hunter 
– A real winner who wants to go that extra mile to convince a prospect 
– A native speaker of Dutch, German, French and/or Spanish, fluent in English 
– Who aims to learn more about sales at a young software company 
– And brings basic knowledge of professional sales and account management 

What will you be doing? 
– Qualify inbound leads by performing discovery calls 
– Search LinkedIn for new prospects and contacts 
– Create value propositions which you bring to market 
– Call prospect
– Experience how it feels to win a deal! 

What can you expect? 
We are young and ambitious and we want to achieve great things. The common spoken language is English, because we have colleagues from Germany, Spain, France and Egypt, as well as from the Netherlands. Being a true Groningen company in heart and soul, our headquarters are located in Groningen, near IKEA. We have another office in Amsterdam, on the tenth floor of the A’dam Tower, which houses part of the Klippa team. The Amsterdam-based employees travel to Groningen on Mondays and stay until Tuesday, to attend the team meeting on Monday evenings and bond with the Groningen team. Expect a lot of hustle and bustle on these two days, with a lot of meetings and lots of opportunity to devour new information. The other days are a bit calmer, giving you the opportunity to get some work done. Klippa arranges free lunch in the canteen downstairs, so you don’t have to bring your own sandwiches. Often it’s wraps, which you can fill with the freshest of veggies, meat and other fillings. Yum, right? In some cases it’s also possible to receive a compensation of 150 euros a month.  

Want to get in contact?
Shoot Yeelen Knegtering (the co-founder) a message via [email protected] or call him +31 618227775.