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Use Case

As a business with assets in the field, gaining comprehensive insights into their performance and maintenance needs can be challenging. Manual monitoring and reactive maintenance practices may result in unexpected breakdowns, downtime, and increased operational costs.

Without a centralized overview of your field assets, identifying maintenance requirements and opportunities for process optimization becomes more difficult. Reactive maintenance practices can lead to costly repairs and reduce the overall lifespan of your assets.

Our solution provides a holistic dashboard to assess current technical conditions, predict failures, identify the causes of failures in real-time, and analyze and evaluate possible correction scenarios. Through the power of predictive analytics, we empower you to proactively address maintenance needs and optimize the operation and maintenance process.

Our Solution

We deploy predictive maintenance models for field assets, allowing you to manage and monitor your equipment’s health, anticipate potential breakdowns, reduce unplanned downtime, and optimize overall asset performance and longevity.
Track Your Asset Performance: Gain a comprehensive understanding of machine usage and how wear and tear impact them.
Enhance Planning Security: Improve your planning security, ensuring an optimal project execution and on-time delivery.
Maximize Machine Productivity: Optimize machine productivity, effectively maximizing their operational hours and lifetime.
Innovate with Data-Driven Business Models: Identify and develop new business models by leveraging real-time machine data.

Step-by-Step Process

1. We collect various data, including sensor data, historical performance records, and maintenance logs.

2. Our team creates a centralized dashboard that visualizes asset performance metrics and maintenance needs.

3. Advanced machine learning models are trained using your asset data to forecast maintenance requirements.

4. The predictive maintenance models generate proactive alerts for maintenance tasks.

5. Asset performance data is analyzed to identify opportunities for process optimization and enhanced efficiency.

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