AI based POCs and MVPs 

At Klippa DataNorth we help companies to design and build AI solutions. Using agile sprints we (co-)create AI based MVPs and POCs with technologies like LLMs, ChatGPT, deep learning, OCR, computer vision and NLP. 

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Klippa supports enterprises that are looking to create POCs & MVPs based on OCR technology. Klippa has processed over 25 million documents using OCR and we support companies all over the world. Using agile development sprints, Klippa created OCR proof of concepts for the legal, banking, accounting, medical, public, SaaS and other sectors. API based, (mobile) SDK based or even on premise. 
Computer vision POCs & MVPs
Wether you are looking to improve image quality, automatically crop, detect trash, identify fraud or extract regions of interest from images, the Klippa AI labs team has the computer vision experience to support you in any computer vision challenge. Using agile sprints Klippa can (co-)create computer vision POCs and MVPs. On premise, cloud based or on device.
If you have document or text related challenges that you are looking to solve using AI, our Natural Language Processing specialists can support you. Using NLP Klippa can create POC and MVP solutions to extract information or derive meaning & sentiment to support decision making. 
Object detection POCs & MVPs
Looking to create a POC / MVP in the object detection space? Wether you are looking to identify objects in user generated pictures, medical scans, realtime camera footage or huge image archives, Klippa is here to help. Even automated fraud detection and quality inspection are among the possibilities.
Mobile AI POCs & MVPs
Running AI solutions directly on mobile devices can be challenging due to limited computational power and size limitations. Luckily the Klippa AI Labs team has experience in creating mobile first AI POCs and MVPs, that can run models on IOS, Android or any other cross platform mobile development language. Perfect for automating field work, quality control, inspections, scanning and more. 
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