How to motivate employees to work efficiently

How to motivate employees to work efficiently

Happy and motivated employees are the core of any business. As an employer, motivating your employees helps you in ensuring that the core, aka your business, is performing well. Keeping your employees motivated makes sure that the long-term vision for your business aligns with day-to-day goals.

A common example

It is common, that certain day-to-day tasks can cause quite some frustration for employees. One example is processing business expenses for managers or financial departments. What we observe is that many companies manage this process inefficiently, with many paper receipts involved in this process. After employees submit their expenses, it often takes up to 2 months to be reimbursed. 

That process, by itself, is intrinsically demotivating for employees. Generally, your employees occur business expenses to help your company grow. So as an employer or manager you should find ways to make this time-consuming process more enjoyable for employees and others involved!

The challenge

So, how can an employer make the reimbursement process more enjoyable for employees and the finance department involved? That is a challenge, indeed. Luckily we at Klippa take this challenge really serious. With our Expense Management software, submitting business expenses and getting reimbursements are done within approximately 3 clicks in total. The employee takes a photo of the receipt of the business expense and submits it for reimbursement in our App. Our OCR engine extracts all the relevant information, such as merchant, amount and VAT, and presents them in a short time span. Now all that is left is getting that expense approved by the manager or finance department, in the WebApp or mobile App.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? At Klippa, we want your employees to be intrinsically motivated. We implemented our OCR technology in our software to reduce manual process times. As a result, the reimbursement procedure is more enjoyable than ever.  

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