How to eliminate top employee distractions

How to eliminate top employee distractions

If you break down company progress to the core, you will soon realise that it is nothing but the accumulation of the 8 hours spent by your employees in the office. That, by itself, ranks the office hours as the most crucial input in making your business financially healthy. Office hours can really be a blessing or a curse for an employer. If the employees are 8 hours straight productive, that would be amazing. However, the latter is rarely the case. Focused attention is limited and selective distractions can keep your employees engaged in non-productive activities. Believe it or not, distractions can cost companies millions.

So, what are the most common distractions?

1.  Smartphones
2.  Internet
3.  Emails 
4.   Meetings
5.  You name it!

My personal favorite is dull repetitive processes. Many employees working in sales find it really distracting to submit expenses they occurred on behalf of their business. Besides, they have less time for other, more important, responsibilities. “Why do I have to spend so much time to submit an expense, when I can be on the road, bringing in sales” – That’s a logical question to be asked! For the sales force, submitting expenses and receiving reimbursements takes up too much time. 

At Klippa, we are experts in reducing manual processing time. With our solutions, employees can take a photo of their receipts and submit those expenses for approval within a few clicks. The advanced OCR technology extracts all the relevant information, so no manual work is needed. Just a photo and a few clicks can help the sales force to focus on what they do best.

At Klippa, we take distractions seriously. With the Expense Management software, the distraction of submitting business expenses is coming to an end. Your employees will now channel their efforts into being productive!

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